What is quill?

Welcome to the home page for quill, a tool to help designers of pen-based user interfaces design better gestures (marks made with a pen to execute a command). You would use it if you were designing a pen-based user interface and wanted help creating custom gestures, for example for application-specific operations.

Can I try it?

Sure, but Java (at least version 1.2 or later) needs to be installed on your computer for quill to run. If it's not installed, you can get Java here.

The easiest way to try quill is with the precompiled jar file. Get the latest from the file download page. You can run quill like this (after downloading the jar file):

Other distributions are also available from the file download page.


The tutorial and reference manual are available on-line while using quill, or separately: For information about the design and implementation of quill, read this paper, quill: Providing Advice for Pen-based Gesture Design.


If you have any questions, comments, flames, adulation, etc., about quill, feel free to email me at aclong at users.sourceforge.net, or use the SourceForge tracking system.

If you're using quill, let us know so we can keep you up to date on improvements, bug fixes, etc.


quill is distributed under the Berkeley Software License.

Related Stuff

Get other project details from the quill SourceForge page.

Once you've created gestures with quill, the easiest way to use them in your Java application is with the SATIN toolkit, which provides support for creating pen-based applications in Java.

Thanks to SourceForge for hosting quill.

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